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  introduce oneself to ; make oneself known to ; self-introduction

  網 絡Introduce Myself;About Me;self-introduction;Introduction


  1. "Forgive my manners," she said calmly. "I neglected to introduce myself." “請原諒我禮數不周,”她平靜地說。“我忘了自我介紹了。”

  2. At the next stop the man got off too and introduced himself. 那個男人在下一站也下了車并作了自我介紹。

  3. Susan introduced herself to him and asked him how he was. 蘇珊向他作了自我介紹,并詢問他的近況。

  4. "Hello, I don't think we've met," Robert introduced himself. “你好,我想我們還沒有見過吧,”羅伯特自我介紹道。

  5. Emboldened by the wine, he went over to introduce himself to her. 他借酒壯膽,走上前去向她作自我介紹。

  6. She introduced herself with studied casualness. 她故作輕松地做了自我介紹。

  7. A young fop minced up to George and introduced himself. 一個花花公子扭扭捏捏地走到喬治面前并作了自我介紹.

  8. Allow me to introduce myself. 請允許我自我介紹一下.

  9. Let me introduce myself to you. 讓我向您做個自我介紹.

  10. I had better ( ie I think I should ) begin by introducing myself. 我最好 ( 我想我應該 ) 先作一下自我介紹.

  11. Let me introduce myself; my name is Simpson. 讓我作自我介紹吧, 我名叫辛普森.

  12. Excuse me, hi, can you identify yourself for the camera, please? 您好, 能對著鏡頭自我介紹一下 嗎 ?

  13. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is James Green. 請允許我自我介紹: 我名叫詹姆斯.格林.

  14. Betty introduced herself, stating that she recently came from the South. 貝蒂做了自我介紹, 說明自己剛從南方來.

  15. Allow me to introduce myself . My name is James Hart. 請允許我做一下自我介紹. 我叫占姆士·哈特.

  16. May I introduce myself ? My name is Wen Wen Lai. 我能做個自我介紹 嗎 ?我叫賴雯雯.

  17. Please let me introduce myself : Donald Emory , director of the englishdepartment. 請讓我自我介紹: 大衛埃默里, 英語系主任.

  18. First , could you please give a brief introduction of yourself? 您能簡單的做一個自我介紹 嗎 ?

  19. I think the umpires are interested in hometowns in my self - introduction. 我想裁判大概是被 自我 介紹中的家鄉給吸引了吧.

  20. Polish your presentations and deliver them enthusiastically to the rightmarket. 做好你的自我介紹,并切要瞄準適當的市場.


  Everyone knows how to introduce themselves, right? It's just like those name tags organizers pass out at networking events, "Hello, my name is…" Unfortunately, a lot of job seekers have a tough time getting beyond that very basic introduction. Sure, they can chat about where they grew up or their favorite book or movie, but when it comes time to say something smart and relevant about their job search interests, it gets a little tricky.


  Do you have a pitch about you, your skills, and accomplishments ready to use the next time someone asks what you're looking for? While conventional wisdom used to dictate you prepare a two-minute "elevator pitch," most elevator rides don't last two minutes, and most people's attention spans certainly don't.


  Instead of the two-minute pitch, you should think about how to share relevant information about yourself quickly and succinctly so your target audience doesn't have time to start mentally planning out their grocery shopping list while they're waiting for you to stop talking about yourself.


  If you can't introduce yourself to a potential contact in 30 seconds or less, you may miss some important opportunities to impress someone important.


  To create an impressive pitch, know the answers to the following questions:


  1. What is your goal or objective?


  2. What do you offer? Identify the skills and accomplishments that make you stand out from other people in your industry.


  3. What do you do? Include information about your goal or objective as it relates to your target audience.


  4. What problems do you solve? Every job description stems from a company's problem or specific need. Make sure you know how your contributions will make a difference for the organizations you target.


  5. What results do you create? Think about your accomplishments in your current or past positions.


  Use this format to plan your reply:


  I work with (target audience) to (what problem do you solve). This is how (your results).


  I collaborate with non-profit organizations that support women's causes to create, organize, and run fundraising events that raise money from previously untapped donor bases. Last year, we increased donations by more than 50 percent and broke all of our fundraising records.


  Keep in mind: One trick to a successful pitch is to eliminate jargon or other language your target audience won't understand. This is especially important for career changers: don't rely on lingo from your previous career to appeal to new networking contacts. Focus your comments to appeal to your new audience and you'll be much more successful impressing them with your knowledge, skills, and abilities.


  With a well-planned, succinct, targeted introduction, you'll inspire additional conversation with your networking contacts. Prepare to ask for a formal meeting to share ideas and insights, but always be ready to detail your expertise in-depth and on the spot if someone asks. Always be ready to answer questions about how you accomplished your goals and solved problems in the past and to explain how those experiences make you a good fit for your targeted opportunity.






4.如何用英語自我介紹 帶翻譯




049期双色球开奖直播 www.lvelns.com.cn true //www.lvelns.com.cn/jiaoyuxuexiba/yingyu/danci/286857.html report 9044 為您提供全方面的自我介紹的英文單詞是什么相關信息,根據用戶需求提供自我介紹的英文單詞是什么最新最全信息,解決用戶的自我介紹的英文單詞是什么需求,  自我介紹是向別人展示你自己的一個重要手段,自我介紹好不好,甚至直接關系到你給別人的第一印象。那么,你知道自我介紹的英文單詞怎么說嗎?現在跟愛學網小編一起學習關于自我介紹的英語表達吧?! ∽暈醫檣艿撓⑽牡ゴ適鴕濉 ntroduceoneselfto;makeoneselfknown...
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