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 ?。ㄒ唬┗。閡即?--who, which, that, whom,

  練習1.I like cities___________are quiet and clean. 2.I prefer students _________are hard- working.

  3.I hate TV shows _________ are noisy and boring.4.The music __________ is gentle and quiet attracts me a lot.

  5.The food __________tastes delicious is not always healthy.

  6.Those boys ___________ are playing basketballs over there are from Class Fifteen.

  7.The books ____________ are written by Lu Xun are worth reading.

  8.The town ___we visited last week is much larger than before.9.The book ___ he bought is very interesting.


  1先行詞被___________或___________所修飾,或本身是______________________時,只能用 that,

  2.被修飾的先行詞為 ________________________________________________等不定代詞時, 只能用 that.

  3.先行詞被 _____________________________________________等詞修飾時,只能用 that,而不用 which。

  4.先行詞里同時含有______________________,如I can remember well the persons and some pictures that I saw in the room.

  5. 以______________________引導的特殊疑問句,只能用that.如: Who is the girl that is crying?

  練習1. I am interested in everything___ is about the 2006 World Cup.

  2. Is there anything___I can do for you? 3. This is the very bike ______I lost

  4.To my surprise, he gave me nothing __ I need. 5.This is the best dictionary __ I have ever used.

  6. He was the first person _______passed the exam.

  7.He talked happily about the men and books________interested him greatly.


  1. The student ______father works in the factory is sitting there.

  2. I like the rooms ______windows face south.3. This is the desk ______legs were broken.

  4The woman ___ umbrella you took is angry about it.5.Here comes a girl ___ handwriting is the best .

  6The banana __skin is green can’t be eaten.7That tall tree _ leaves are yellow is very old.


  1-He is one of the boys who ____ (doesn’t, don’t) finish doing homework.

  2-I like films which ____(be) exciting and interesting.

  3-Children who often ____(eat) junk food are easy to become fat and unhealthy.

  4-That boy who _____(run) fastest is from our class.

  5Those boys who ____ playing the guitar are from our school. (be)

  6The trees which _____ (be) watered yesterday belong to them. 7The man who ____ over there is our teacher.(stand) 8Those boys who ____ playing the guitar are from our school. (be)

  9Mr. Brown is one of the foreign experts _______ _________ (work) in China.

  10I’m one of the boys ______ ________(like) English best.

  (五)“介詞+關系代詞”注意: 介詞的選用要考慮:


  1)I will never forget the day __________ I joined the army.

  2) I will never forget the days ______ I worked here.

  3) I will never forget the year ____________ my son went to college.

  B. 與謂語動詞的搭配習慣

  1)Have you found the book ________I paid 29 dollars?

  2)Have you found the book ________I spent 29 dollars?

  3) Have you found the book _____________we learnt a lot?

  4) Have you found the book _______she often talks?


  練習:1. It must be a good place ________________we can do a lot of exercise.

  2.This is the village _________________we visited last week.

  3.The house _______ we live in is very big./ The house _______ we live is very big

  4. The woman ___________ talked to you just now is a doctor. The woman ______ you talked to is my sister.

  The woman to ___________ you talked is my sister. 5. This is the hospital ____________ I was born in.

  This is the hospital in _________I was born. This is the hospital____________ I was born.

  綜合練習一. 用適當的關系代詞或關系副詞填空

  1. The boy ______ is wearing the black jacket is very clever.

  2. This is the present ____he gave me for my birthday.3.The man _______ talked to you just now is an engineer.

  4. He talked about the teachers and schools _______ he had visited.

  5. There is nothing in the world ______can frighten him.6. We visited a factory _______makes toys for children.

  7. Is this the place _______ your father once lived 8. I’ll never forget the days _______ I joined the League.

  9The car______my father bought last month is beautiful.10The man______hair is white is his grandfather.

  二 ( )1.Rosa likes music ___ is quiet and gentle. A. when B. that C. where D. who

  ( )2.--Is the girl _ is interviewing the manager of that company your friend--Yes, she is a journalist from CCTV.

  A. whom B. which C. who D. whose

  ( )3 Yao Ming is a famous basketball star ___ is playing in the NBA. A. whose B. who C. what D. which

  ( )4. The doctor ___I am waiting for is Mr. Smith. A. which B. whom C. whose D. why

  ( )5. --- Do you know Hong Zhanhui? ---Yes. He’s the college student ____ has moved Chinese people a lot.

  A. who B. which C. what D. whom

  ( )6. In my family, my sister is the only person __ loves chocolate. A. which B. who C. whom D. she

  ( )7. This is the place ____ the old man lived last year. A. when B. where C. that D.which

  ( ) 8. The song ___ Jay Zhou sings are popular with students. A. why B. whom C. what D. which

  ( )9. The farmer was very thankful to the doctor ___ treated his son. A. what B. which C. who D. whose

  ( )10.I like to live in a house__ is big and bright. A. that B. who C. how D. why

  ( )11. The young lady ___ we met yesterday is our new math teacher. A. what B. whose C. whom D. which

  ( )12. --Can you introduce the town to me? --OK. This is the town in __ I was born. A. that B. who C. which

  ( )13. Miss green is the only person __ can help you with your English. A. she B. whom C. which D. who

  ( )14. I like the second football match ___was held last week. A. which B. who C. that D. /

  ( )15. Is there anything ____ to you? A. that is belonged B. that belongs C. that belong D. which belongs

  ( )16. I hate people ___ don’t help others when they are in trouble. A. who B. which C. they

  ( )17. This is the only book ___I am looking for. A. that B. which C. who D. whom

  ( )18 Her sister__ you met at my home was a teacher of English. A. whom B. that is C. which D. who is

  ( )19 The book__is sold out at the moment. A.you need Bwhat you need C.which you need it D that you need it

  ( )20 I'm one of the boys ______never late for school. A. that is B. who are C. who am D. who is

  ( )21.__cleans the classroom can go home first. A. Anyone B. Those who C. However D. The one who

  ( )22. The old man __yesterday is a scientist.A.I spoke B. I spoke to C. whom I spoke D. that I spoke to him


  1.--- Is the girl __ is interviewing the manager of that company your friend? --Yes, she is a journalist from CCTV. A. whom B. which C. who D. whose

  2. Do you still remember the movie _____ we saw last weekend? A. who B. what C. that D. whom

  3. ---Who is your new English teacher? ---Elena, the woman ____ is wearing a red T-shirt over there.

  A. 不填 B. whom C. whose D. who

  4. Is that the man _____ helped us a lot after the earthquake? A. whose B. which C. when D. who

  5. ---What are you looking for? --- I’m looking for the pen ___ I bought yesterday. A. who B. which C. whose

  6. This is the novel_____ written by Guo Jingming. A. who B. what C. that D. /

  7. We should be ready to help the people ____ are in trouble. A. whose B. whom C. which D. who

  8. Two years has passed, but Chinese people still remember those exciting days ____ they spent during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. A. that B. who C. when

  9. The magician _____ played magic tricks in 2008 CCTV Spring Festival Gala is Liu Qian. He is popular in China now. A. whose B. who C. which

  10. July likes music very much. She likes music ____ she can dance to. A. what B. who C. that

  11. At school, you should do the things _____ are allowed by the teachers. A. that B. when C. what

  12. Thought is the key _____ opens the doors of the world. A. why B. where C. which D. who

  13. The gentlemen ___ are coming to my office tomorrow are my classmates many years ago.

  A. whom B. who C. those D. which

  14. That’s the man _____ house was destroyed in the storm. A. that B. whose C. who D. which

  15. The girl ____ I just talked with is Ben’s sister. A. whom B. which C. she

  16. I love people ____ are friendly to others. A. which B. whose C. what D. who

  17. It’s time to say goodbye to my school. I’ll always remember the people _____ have helped me.

  A. who B. what C. which D. where

  18. I like the teacher ____ classes are very interesting and creative. A. which B. who C. what D. whose

  19. Do you know the boy ____ is sitting next to Peter? ---Yes. He is Peter’s friend. They are celebrating his ____ birthday. A. who, ninth B. that, nineth C. /, nineth D. which, ninth

  20.ShaolinTemple__lies in the west of Zhengzhou welcomes the visitors from abroad.A.where B.which C.who


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